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All of your digital Assets

in ONE Community Wallet

iOS Install Guide

1. If download directly, You will see a notification below, when you first open 7chat.
2. After you dismiss this message, you can establish trust for Staket & Larm Ab(7chat) Tap Settings > General >Device Management.
3. Tap "Staket & Larm Ab(7chat)" under the Enterprise App heading to establish trust.

Biometric authentication ensures safe and fast transfer

7Chat keeps your coin safe and makes it easy to transfer.
You don't have to type complex keys every time.
Biometrics and contact information allow you to manage and transfer coins around the world.

Chat and transfer at the same time.

Utilizing all the performance associated with cryptocurrency-only a few sweeps.
You can talk with your friends as messages,
identify market trends, and send them instantly.
All at the same time.

With a strong community.

The information in the rapidly changing block chain industry is of great value.
A variety of Crypto communities enhance your expertise. Build your own network for you.

Top 1% market OTC trading.

The top 1% does not use the currency exchange.
You can fully enjoy all the experience of the OTC market with 7Chat.
Search for interesting coins, subscribe to posts, and get notified quickly.
Speed is life in OTC trading.

With thousands of Dapp, the possibilities are endless.

There are thousands of Dapp in development worldwide.
7Chat not only deals, but also resource management, games, and market information are edited.
7Chat's professional editors recommend the apps you shouldn't miss.